Duane & Annie Armstrong

The union of Duane and Annie Armstrong in 1982 was a serendipitous event which yielded very special results. Duane was already an accomplished artist, with many awards and his well-received field series, which had propelled him to the top five in print sales nationwide. Annie began her own artistic explorations in 1986. The result is two artists with vastly different styles and methods joined to create a diverse and extensive body of work.

Duane is the artistic astronaut, with ever evolving subject matter, style and mediums; while Annie’s large canvas nature studies reflect a more consistent, yet dynamic and refined, artistic expression. Adding Annie’s unique design and framing skills, the result is a unique collection of investment grade original art.

For the past two decades the Armstrongs have focused on their artistic explorations and philanthropic work, with only a few pieces made available through private sale or charity auctions. This has resulted in a large volume of previously unreleased original art, including a very important series of abstracts by Duane, which are enhanced with Annie’s innovative framing style. These works are currently available through a few select channels.

Both Duane’s and Annie’s original art can be found in prestigious private and corporate collections.

The Armstrongs now live in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California with their two German Shepherds, exotic birds and collection of cats.

We invite you to enjoy samples of the works of these two noted artists in the on-line galleries. Commissioned works will also be considered.

Many of the originals are also available as limited edition proofs. These are giclée prints reproduced on either artist canvas or fine art paper. These archive quality reproductions are hand signed by the artist and include a certificate of authenticity.

If you have questions, would like a personal viewing or wish to inquire on pricing, please contact us!