Annie Armstrong was born on March 9th, 1946 in Eureka, California, where she resided until moving to the Santa Clara Valley in 1966. She married Duane Armstrong in 1982 and began her own artistic journey in 1986.

The works of Georgia O’Keeffe were the inspiration for Annie’s early flower studies. As her style evolved she also broadened the subject matter to include single subject nature studies of seashells, butterflies and cactus. Intricate, large scale canvases, focus on minute detail, overall color control and tonality provide a magnified view of nature’s wonder and beauty.

In Annie’s words:

When natural objects are observed under powerful magnification, each layer magically opens up to a newer level of even more intricate, complex beauty. A harmony of the basic structure is revealed as one looks deeper and forces one to confront the over powering beauty of its natural form.

Annie has many artistic talents, which include an inspired and dynamic style of framing utilizing hand crafted Italian moldings. Her multi-layered approach, relying on her keen eye for color and texture, results in a final product that blends the art and framing into a dynamic and cohesive artistic statement. Many pieces of both Armstrong’s work are available with this framing enhancement.

Annie’s works were featured in a three month show at Stanford University – Stanford Art Spaces in 2008.

Her works are held in many prestigious commercial, public and private collections including Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.