Corporate and Permanent Collections


Art Market International
Behring Museum, Blackhawk, California
Bethany University, Santa Cruz, California
Cal Poly University, San Luis Obispo, California
California Art Review
Campbell Civic Center, Campbell, California
Continental Art Products
Custom Pad Corporation, Santa Clara, California
Good Samaritan Hospital, Los Gatos, California
Hambley Studios, Santa Clara, California
Heritage Publications, Chicago
Hewlett Packard, Computer Systems Division Poster, 1985
Hoover Institution at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California
Kaiser Hospital, Redwood City, California
KOME Radio Station, San Jose, California
Lake Shasta Golf and Country Club, Lake Shasta, California
National Art Review
New World Center, Hong Kong
Office of the Attorney General, Sacramento, California
O. Henry Recording Studio, Burbank, California
Q.P.L., N.T., Hong Kong
Republic of South Korea
Saint Agnes Hospital, Fresno, California
Sierra Club Poster, “High Sierra” 1985
Southwest Offset, Inc., Dallas, Texas
Stanford School of Business, Palo Alto, California
The Campbell Historical Society Museum, Campbell, California
Turner Art Company
University of California Berkley Foundation, Berkley, California
Valley Transportation, Inc., Bakersfield & Fresno, California
Windsor Art Company, Chicago
World Tech, N.T., Hong Kong
Aaron Brothers Art Marts
Home Federal Savings and Loan
Aervoe Chemical Company
Amdahl Corporation
American Housing Guild
Ampex Corporation
Apple Computer, Inc.
Bank of America
Bank of Tokyo
Barter Systems International
Beaver Lumber Company
Behavioral Research Laboratories
Blue Chip Stamp Corporation
Broadway Company
Brueners of California
Business Exchange
Business Factors, Inc.
California Graphics
Campbell Lumber Company
Century 21
Cerrito Motorcoach LTD
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Coakley-Heagerty, Inc.
Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Columbia Pictures
Consilium Corporation
Consolidated Furniture
Construction Labor News
Creative Arts
Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc.
Deck the Walls
Ditz-Crane Development Company
Double Bow Corporation
Emporium Capwell and Company
Exchange Enterprises
Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation
Firestone Tire Company
Golden Pacific Company
Great Western Savings and Loan
Hambley Studios
Hatcher Trade Press
Hewlett Packard Corporation
House of Printing
Hublein Corporation
The Hudson Company
Hyatt Hotels
I.B.M. Corporation
I. Magnin & Company
Interlan Development Company
Internal Revenue Service
Kaiser Permanente Center
KQED Public Television Station
Lockheed, Missile and Space Division
Macy’s and Company
May Company
McDonald’s Corporation
McWhorter’s, Inc.
Melmed Reading Clinic
Mercury Savings and Loan
Monterey Municipal Airport
Montgomery Ward
Mineta San Jose International Airport
Offshore Films Productions Company
Pacific Funding Company
Porter-Jensen and Partners
Schulte/Blackwell Development Company
Sears Roebuck and Company
Signetics Corporation
Southwest Offset, Inc.
Standard Oil of California
Swire Technology
TATM Group
Tarlow’s Furs
Team Corporation
Trade Systems Corporation
Transamerica Corporation
Veterans Administrational Hospital
Wells Fargo Bank
World Wide Art, Inc.
Xerox Corporation